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The next meeting will be at the Airport lounge April 27 @6:30pm  

 Our first fundraising raffle tickets are up for sale,
1st prize $250.00
2nd prize $150.00
3rd prize $100.00
Be sure to buy some or help sell some.
All proceeds will go toward Jackson County trail system.
Drawing will be held on May 25th at the
Orange Moose Lounge in Black River Falls
only 200 tickets will be sold, need not be present to win

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Be sure to check us out on Facebook! "Jackson County Atv Club"

Membership benefits page has been added, check back often for updated list.

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JCATV is a non profit group established in 2009 with the intent to work closely with the county and state trail represenatives with maintaining the current trail system and expanding the trail system. We work with county, state and area businesses in promoting the sport as a all age and family experience to be enjoyed.


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netvideogirlsnetvideogirlsnetvideogirlsnetvideogirls 2010 TEE-Shirts are in, if you ordered one please call Brad Windsor 715.896.2723 or send a email to Prices are $15.00 each. Extras will be for sale at First and Last also.

 If anyone interested in joining don't be afraid to come to a meeting or drop us a line. Any ages welcome.